Xining Railway Station core area demolition has a big breakthrough

October 8th, news reporter obtained from the comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station demolition office: National Day during the 7 day holiday, the core area of the demolition train station has made a major breakthrough, the province postal company, East Hotel, decoration wholesale market, Ji’an City, the national Industrial and Trading Company (for short) and a group of a suite of non household has agreed with the government the demolition agreement, the demolition of the total area of 10 square meters.

at present, decoration wholesale market more than 300 commercial tenants, Tibet more than and 460 businesses, Ji’an City National Industrial and Trading Company 48 businesses a total of more than and 800 businesses have basically completed the relocation work, many businesses have begun a transition in business life. During the National Day holiday, the Xining Municipal Construction Committee, land, planning, real estate, train station project office, east district leaders and staff to do the demolition of a rest, the companies involved in moving into the household, station units and residents angle, share their sense of urgency, and think they think…… Units involved in the transfer, the tenants of the national key project construction work fully understanding and support, have signed an agreement with the government, the total demolition of 5 units of a total area of 79 thousand square meters. Right now, 5 units of housing relocation, demolition work has been launched. At the same time, the riverside road construction planning units within 87 yards of a total of 305 households in a suite of non residents, there are 67 yard 210 households and the government signed a demolition compensation agreement, the agreement relocation area of 37 thousand square meters…… Currently, the province has been part of the hospital along the street shops were removed. (author: Dezhou)

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