Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce special action to clean up tobacco advertising

In order to meet the national and provincial health office of Xining city love Wei Jian Ying seized review, "according to the specific requirements of Xining city to meet the National Sanitary City review implementation plan" and work arrangements, recently, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out rectification action to ensure the construction of outdoor tobacco advertising, forming region to completely eliminate tobacco advertising.

is to find out the base, grasp the area of tobacco stores, on the basis of complete removal of built-up area of tobacco advertising, do city buildings, tobacco shop door and inside and outside the store and the news media without any form of tobacco advertising. Two is the initiative to get in touch with the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau and other departments to strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the effectiveness of remediation. Three is in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the grid, to further clarify the responsibilities, so that tasks, measures, personnel, responsibilities, the implementation of the four. Four is to increase publicity efforts. In the daily inspection and inspection market, actively to the tobacco business to carry out propaganda to create a national health city sense and purpose, to create a clean and civilized city environment, the news media, advertising companies, tobacco business understanding and support, to ensure the rectification work carried out smoothly. At present, dispatched inspectors to 352 passengers, vehicles 81 times, check the Xining news media 8, advertising company 195, a large billboard 375, Tobacco Distribution Department of more than 1 thousand and 850 households. (author: Niu Yuhui)


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