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fair — an interview with director of the Executive Committee, vice mayor Xu Guocheng

of Xining city development and investment

a comprehensive display of Xining, so that more people know Xining, Xining concern; the introduction of Xining’s hot projects, so that more people choose Xining, home Xining. In the 2012 Xining city development and Investment Fair on the occasion of the opening of the fair, the overall situation and characteristics and project promotion of Xining city development and Investment Fair executive committee director, deputy mayor Xu Guocheng interview.

look at the development of the city, feel the future vision

Xu said, Xining city organized the first city development and investment fair, aims to demonstrate the achievements of Xining in the city construction, industrial development, culture and tourism in recent years, further efforts to increase investment, guide and encourage more enterprises to participate in and outside the province Xining city construction and industrial development. Compared to such projects launched, the urban construction projects reached 125 billion 100 million yuan, accounting for the total investment of the project to promote the amount of 83.92%.

fair was first held in Xining a high standard, large scale, for investors, facing the promotion of city planning and construction projects, the industry to extend the industrial chain and supporting industrial projects, the development of the service industry, the city development of City Land Reserve Investment Event and refueling stations to promote the auction, this negotiation there will be no invitation to the party and government delegation, all for the province and outside the enterprise to carry on the concrete project negotiations.

Xu said that in Xining to enter the critical period to accelerate the development background, how the city of Xining opened the skeleton, bigger amount, improve the quality and grade of the city, a more appropriate industry livable, more distinctive, mainly through the planning guidance, strengthening the opening-up and cooperation, enhance the vitality of city development, improve the city quality and service ability. The fair in city construction, industrial development, cultural tourism projects for the combination of points, adhere to the "planning, project oriented, special promotion, investment oriented" principle, to recommend to discuss the project as the carrier, make full use of the fair publicity platform and the display window, a comprehensive display of Xining economic development, city construction achievements and the human history, tourism development, investment environment, improve the visibility of the city, and enhance the economic attractiveness and cultural cohesion, promote investment, accelerate Xining economic and social coordinated and healthy and rapid development. As a first degree high center of Tibetan Plateau city, in the key period of accelerating the development of Xining launched such a fair, is a municipal government further opening up a major decision to realize the speed and quality of development in Xining.

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the fair launched a total of 287 projects, involving nearly 150 billion yuan investment, the invitation of the province’s enterprises of the province, the province’s enterprises of 281, nearly a thousand businessmen attended the fair.

Xu said the launch of the project, all are already planning the implementation of land, licensing and infrastructure;

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