The two courts took the lead in the province to open legal resources information platform

In February 18th, the largest study of legal resources information platform "legal" with independent intellectual property rights for the first time in Qinghai, officially settled in the city of Xining City District, West District People’s court. In the future, as long as the click of the mouse, the two police officers on the court can be seen on the computer from the domestic legal training courses, read the law e-books, search a variety of legal literature.

according to reports, the database is the first specifically for the political and legal institutions to build a learning organization and building products, provide courses, reading, listening to the teacher check a one-stop solution for law enforcement agencies and police officers. The database will be the traditional paper books, periodicals, newspapers, legal dissertations, conference papers and other academic resources in the same database, unified retrieval and searching, the convenience of the reader to obtain all relevant legal knowledge information in the learning platform.

city court president Ma Dexiang told reporters that the information network for the construction of learning, cultural courts provide an important resource protection, but also in the future to create an important part of the digital court. The use of "legal" learning platform built "mobile classroom", is to solve the problems in the education and training of grassroots police officers is not wide enough, not enough to live, high quality training system and mechanism for lack of resources, can not meet the diverse learning needs, further mobilize the enthusiasm of the police work. (author: Jianhua Wei Yadong)


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