Municipal Education Practice to listen to public opinion

In April 18th, the party held the party’s mass line educational practice comments forum, listen to part party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members and representatives of the masses to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice on the city’s opinions and suggestions, to highlight the problems existing in the "four winds" municipal leadership and leading cadres of opinion suggestions for revealing problems, the next step to lay a good foundation for the implementation of the rectification. Su Rong, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, presided over the meeting.

forum, 15 participants from different sectors of the party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members and representatives of the masses spoke, we focus on effectively resolve the current problems in the municipal leadership and leading cadres in the "four winds", major issues concerning the city’s economic and social development, to hot issues, the broad masses of the people widespread concern and reflect the strong, went straight to the theme. We are fully prepared to bring the views of the grassroots, tell the truth, and put forward many constructive suggestions.

forum, Su Rong listened and took notes from time to time, interaction, in-depth discussion with you. Su Rong said, we open and honest, went straight to the theme, speak freely, put forward a very good suggestion, after listening to be inspired by great benefit. Su Rong said, must treat every suggestion seriously, some people look forward to try to solve the problem, the Fellow Deputies, advise the members carefully combed, now can change immediately changed, need to be solved as soon as possible rectification in place. I hope Fellow Deputies, members continue to advise on, and timely reflect the people’s demands and expectations, help the municipal educational practice activities, the "four winds" problem solving, take practical action to serve the masses, to win the trust of the people, to ensure that educational practice to obtain tangible results.  

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