Food safety warning issued four

recently, the temperature continues to rise, a variety of pathogenic microorganisms easy to breed, the risk of bacterial and plant food poisoning. In order to prevent the occurrence of food poisoning, to ensure public food safety, in March 16th, the city food and Drug Administration issued a special warning to prevent food safety food service.

first, the food and beverage service units should strengthen preventive measures, effectively responsible for the community and the public. Catering service units (schools, units and construction site canteen) is the first responsibility of food safety, catering service, should earnestly do the following work: strict procurement of raw materials; strict customs personnel health; strict environment; strict tableware disinfection; strict production process; strictly implement the food left kind of turn. In case of food poisoning or suspected food poisoning, the patient should be treated in time and report to the food and drug administration.

second, consumers should enhance self-protection awareness. The majority of consumers to choose a catering service license catering service unit dining establishments catering units, see the smiling face of publicity card supervision, said food safety in good condition, flat face said the situation of food safety, food safety status of poor cry. Recommendations for the selection of food safety supervision and quantitative level catering service unit dining, do not choose roadside open-air stalls undocumented dining. Consumers find catering service units for sale does not meet the requirements of "food safety law" of food, should promptly call 12331, Xining city food and drug safety complaint center or district food and drug supervision and management departments to report complaints.

third, the family feast notice. To organize a family banquet, it is necessary to ensure that there is a variety of products with the supply of food, the number of processing sites to adapt to ensure perishable food raw materials and cooked food can be stored in cold storage conditions. Can not be used when the meal should be promptly frozen food, food and food overnight to be removed from the refrigerator must be thoroughly heated and then eat. The banquet chef should master the necessary knowledge of food safety and food handling skills.

fourth, eating fresh food and Sauteed Green Beans note. Fresh and cooked food should be cooked to eat. Because there is no cooked cooked cooked fresh food usually with pathogenic bacteria, only thoroughly heating to kill all kinds of pathogens. Sauteed Green Beans to fully cooked or burnt, to destroy the toxins.

the county food and drug supervision departments under the leadership of local governments, increase the food service operators to strictly implement the supervision and inspection efforts to purchase cable card tickets, medical health practitioners, food safety practices, procurement of food additives using custody and other related regulations, investigate and punish illegal business behavior, prevent the occurrence of food poisoning accident.


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