Provincial Federation of industry and commerce organizations to achieve new results

in recent years, the province at all levels of the Federation of industry and commerce to strengthen construction of leadership and executive self construction, increase the association set up efforts to extend the business arm joint working power of local development, grassroots Federation organized the construction of new achievements.

around the leadership team building, with a strong selection of the party secretary and party secretary at all levels. At present, 28 counties Federation set up a party, party secretary was chaired by Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department; 34 outstanding cadres and selected as the Federation President, of which 20 counties Federation President by the vice chairman, deputy director of the NPC and CPPCC Party committee and government leadership; 20 cities and counties in the selection of "three good" the non-public economy representatives served as chairman of association of industry and commerce. Chairman of the Federation by the party and government cadres accounted for 64% of the cities and counties, the non-public economy as the chairman of the Federation of cities and counties accounted for 36%.

local federations and actively explore the establishment of service carrier, to guide non-public enterprises financing of local development, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce in organization, Hainan, Haidong Qaidam and Longhua people, and carry out the "County Private Enterprises" activities, to guide non-public enterprises to invest in the local home, actively participate in the precise poverty, government enterprises build a model village, plateau beautiful countryside construction, accelerate the pace of development of rural society. Part of the city, the County Federation for many years to organize students dream and other activities to help poor students round the University dream.


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