To Chengbei District of Xining city and pay close attention to the work style of Cadres Construction

in order to further strengthen and improve the work style of cadres, improve administrative efficiency, Seongbuk constantly improve the rules and regulations, pay close attention to the work style building, efforts to enhance the quality of cadres to promote grassroots cadres do practical things for the people, good for the people’s happiness index for cadres hard index.
the unity of thinking, clear "three must". To strengthen the ideological and political construction as the starting point, to promote the full understanding of cadres and cadres to strengthen and improve the significance of the work style of cadres. First, we must strengthen the party’s work style construction. It is of great significance to change the work style of cadres, to the image of the party and the government in the eyes of the people, to strengthen the party’s governing capacity in the new era, and to carry out the Scientific Outlook on Development in depth. Two is to clear the training of high-quality cadres must strengthen the work style of cadres. Lazy, loose, soft, Yong, floating, luxury and other issues can not be ignored, a serious impact on the image of cadres, restricting the development of the north. It is urgent to strengthen the work style of cadres, in particular, to further strengthen the style education and rectification of Party members and leading cadres. Three is to promote the development of economic and social undertakings must strengthen the style of cadres. We must firmly establish the consciousness of governing for the people to forge ahead, always maintain, be enthusiastic and press on mental state, efforts to solve the hot issues of concern to the masses concerned, to solve a variety of problems in the development, to achieve development goals.
compressed, encouraged "". Improve the system of meeting approval, and resolutely reduce the number and size of the meeting, advocating "more than one", to do a short meeting, open a small meeting, open the office will open a pragmatic meeting, open the meeting will solve the problem. At the same time, effectively reduce the number of documents that can not be issued without a hair. Who can be solved by fax, telephone, face-to-face arrangement way, do not send files; files where the superior, there are clear requirements and specific measures, not to repeat the document; all departments within the scope of duty work, not issued a document of the Party committee, on behalf of the government.

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