Can be used to drive South Ring Expressway

From December 21st, the provincial transportation department came the good news: one is December 24th zero south ring expressway traffic smoothly, make Xining "outer ring network traffic pattern formation; two is the standard fee adjustment scheme implemented around Xining highway, which means that from 24 onwards, people driving into the adjustment range the expressway can enjoy preferential traffic convenience.It is reported that

the adjustment area on the vehicles will be preferential traffic, vehicle adjustment outside the region according to the existing charging standard normal fees, import and adjustment of regional vehicle charge adjustment area beyond the toll. Specific adjustments as follows: 1 between now caojiabao things New Interchange mainline toll station 2 Haidong; cancel adjustment region 15 ramp toll station (including the north line G6 Beijing Tibet expressway toll station 7: Xiakou toll station, rhyme ieguchi toll station, Chaoyang toll station and toll station on the wave dopa, ramp toll station, Lake toll station, Xigang toll station; South City highway toll station 8: yanggouwan toll station, East people and road toll stations, toll stations, Huang Zhong Lu Shen Zhai Tonghai road toll stations, toll stations, toll station of West Street, the ramp toll station, North Line train station and toll station). Datong, Laoying village, dawn, in the original Temple Camp (DOPA) mainline toll station and South Ring Road on the ramp, the airport economic Park (Ping Liu WAN), caojiabao West toll station and Peace West mainline toll station to open toll station.  

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