Ma Xiaodi gross box

believes that many people have this shopping experience, even if the hand is a votes, is really the money, but many shops are no longer receiving. Ma Xiaodi runs a cigarette retail shop in Shaanxi Province Ziyang County Chengguan town of stone Liangzi, at the counter, put an ordinary box, there are numerous votes, the less there are hundreds of. Now, a lot of shops are rejected 10 Fen denominations of money, only supermarket shopping malls. Ma uncle received so many votes do, is to collect things?

answers from the beginning of last summer opened. One day at noon, Ma uncle’s store to a rural man, look at the age of more than and 60, plain clothes, carrying a small basket. Uncle stammered to buy hard red "a pack of 2.5 yuan in Yanan, then pulled out a pile of money to uncle ma. Ma uncle looked guilty of worry, this is all 10 Fen Jiao! The side of his wife said: "now the 10 Fen fall on the ground is not pick up, you can do so much?" Looking at the look of the uncle, Ma said: "to buy ‘China’ smoke is God, buy ‘Yanan’ smoke is also God, we have to respect!" He received 25 votes, handed uncle a pack of "Yanan", with a smile on the face of uncle.

The horse

filial piety not to reject banknotes of news spread like wildfire, many people came to his shop to buy cigarettes with banknotes, his generosity, laughed and said: "as long as the money is really, I have received." The shop popularity is more and more prosperous, the face of the Everfount banknotes, he prepared a small cardboard box store, came down in January, there were four hundred or five hundred zhang.

how these bundles of banknotes in the bank, Ma uncle may have its own merit. He said that the bank’s counter staff are very busy, not too much time maopiao-a deposit, a bundle of two 20 yuan, ahead of your own pick out, the old are divided, so it quickly. "You do not know, the bank also gave me a ‘big money Mao’ title!" Ma said happily, "the interests of consumers first, to facilitate others, is to fulfill their own, this’ Plush money ‘, I have to close down!"

in fact, this is also a lot of people, the economic conditions are not good now, perhaps because other things being found, in short, banknotes more, but it is not easy to take out. But if a shop can receive votes, this is undoubtedly a good news for these consumers. And Ma filial piety can provide such services, naturally sought after by consumers.

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