2015 Xining two sessions this year the western region of the 15 key projects to increase people’s

"stick" and "first" two words appear repeatedly seven times!

new breakthrough, new ideas, new promotion, new thinking…… Such words in the entire west district government work report shine, this is the mobilization of the district government’s total order, called the region’s cadres in every job in 2015, with a responsibility, a play, go in, use wisdom, dedication, innovation, reform, with the will. To create the masses of the most anticipated western charm.

2014 West District, the successful completion of the task, achievements are the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, is the district overall situation, condensation in the wisdom of the results. In the days prior to the convening of the west area of the seventeenth people’s Congress of the fifth meeting, on the record of the past year, Qu Changliu hopeyear said affectionately, 2014 make gratitude to us most is the people of all ethnic groups the overall situation, work hard, work together to promote the development of the spirit of dedication; what moved us is the four team of one heart and one mind, ningxinjuli, solidarity and development confidence; let us thank most is the cadres at all levels, the courage to play, as the initiative to develop the awareness of hard work.

2015, the west area once again under full sail, set out! They insisted that the belief is a ship in full sail boat, carrying Western cadres and the masses towards the success of the other side. They will adhere to the seven first, the goal is to create the charm of the west, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau cultural and creative center, the headquarters of the economy and lead the province’s financial gathering area, the best living environment. Condensation in the wisdom and strength of the Western nettle, Yongpangaofeng, to speed up the construction of Western charm, first in the city to build a well-off society and work hard.

four new show last year, the development of

is a string of numbers, one index, witnessed over the past year the Western charm of pioneering spirit, temper forward. In 2014, faced with the grim situation of heavy task, the pressure of competition, the next mission to keep in mind the development, focusing on the construction of the Western charm of new positioning, subjected to various complicated situation, a huge challenge, the economic downward pressure force, practical officer, contrarian, tackle difficult to meet. The reform and innovation, pioneered the work become west area catch "Three Basics" and "strong, vivid practice to promote development and improve people’s livelihood.

comprehensive strength to a new level

GDP exceeded twenty billion mark

revenue in the province’s first breakthrough one billion mark

GDP exceeded twenty billion yuan, reached 20 billion 280 million yuan, an increase of 12%; local public budget revenue in the province county finance exceeded one billion yuan, reached 1 billion 190 million yuan, up 28.9%. Three production added value, total retail sales of social consumer goods, urban residents income growth rate ranked first in the city of the 3 indicators. Take the lead in building the third industry;

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