2017 a large number of traffic projects

fully completed to Huashixia Jigzhi expressway;

urged the railway, Qilian Airport, Gd Tseng Golmud Airport expansion project completed;

To speed up the

grid library railway construction, the three phase of the expansion to Xining airport;

started the construction of the West into the railway, Cao Jiabao railway logistics base, Golmud railway transport hub and other key projects;

Ring Road Xining city traffic network system upgrade, increase the Xining Urban Rail Transit Line 1 preliminary work, continue to implement the smooth Xining project……

a sentence inspirational words, one of the big projects look forward to!

1 15, the acting governor Wang Jianjun made the "government work report" mentioned in these large projects closely related to the people of Qinghai exciting!

to allow readers to further understand the new changes brought about by these railways, highways, airports! This reporter to connect six meeting staff to attend the twelve session of National People’s Congress, the provincial development and Reform Commission Director Wu Haikun, to go with these large projects quest of concern.

Airlines –

3 big airport expansion so that Qinghai is full of international fan

[project name] Xining airport three expansion

[two sessions connection] Wu Haikun

three Xining airport expansion project will be to "serve the social and economic development, boost Qinghai landing strategy; Integrating Transportation Resources in the eastern part, promote economic restructuring; play a leading role in aviation, accelerate industrial agglomeration; into the eastern city group construction, realize the city coordinated development" principle, to build a comprehensive transportation hub, Qinghai province Qinghai province to build the passenger distribution center, Qinghai province to build the portal opening "as the focus, the orientation of Xining airport from Tibet Plateau Airport Center" to "Tibet Plateau airport".

[project progress] preliminary preparations basically completed, started construction in 2017.


three will be built in the area of 150 thousand square meters T3 terminal, and the existing runway to the west to extend the length of 400 meters, and the construction of taxiway systems and facilities and other facilities. At the same time, will strive to build the formation of people’s car diversion, three-dimensional traffic, bus priority, convenient flow of integrated transport hub. For the opportunity to travel tourists, bring more convenient travel, which as one of the three important projects T3 terminal, will become one of the province’s landmark building.

[project name] Qilian Airport expansion

[two sessions connection] Wu Haikun

Qilian Airport

construction, to build Qilian 4C Regional Airport as the goal, the construction of a runway of 3400 meters, 3000 square meters of terminal and related facilities, the project has started construction.

[project progress] is expected to achieve more than fly in 2017.


Qilian civil airport master plan for Qilian Airport flight area planning, air;

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