There are also selling cigarettes operation of the road

even if it is not a smoker, but because our country has always been a very pay attention to etiquette and custom of the country, as an important ceremonial etiquette also tasted by people to buy. In short, the cigarette has become a very important business of a lot of shops. Many shopkeepers are aware of this, but also want to create higher sales, but did not grasp the relevant skills.

my store is ten kilometers away from the town, the store is not very large. Li said that in such a position, sales will not be too large, but I shop business in recent years has been booming, especially cigarettes, has become the most important source of my store economy. Many people are unable to understand, I am the method of operation, but also some colleagues to come to me to discuss business. Now, I would like to introduce my business.

first, integrity management is very important

my store is not big, the house is not very new, but I made a big sign, and the store named the integrity of the store. I think this name will be able to First impressions are strongest a "sincerity" feeling. In addition, I also put a sign on the cigarette counter: fake a compensable ten. This brand is not big, but placed in the most prominent position on the counter, in this era of rampant counterfeit cigarettes, which is tantamount to the customer to eat a reassurance. Small brands and big brands to respond, like the reputation of the shop on a double insurance. Just think, as a customer, who does not want to buy a place in a good faith?

two, marketing should pay attention to the method

with the reform of the tobacco industry, many local tobacco gradually interrupted or even marketable instead of other brands of the same price. For the change in the taste of cigarettes, people are not suited, which makes our cigarette sales have been affected. But after a period of operation, I have gradually come up with some experience, that is, to sell cigarettes to customers vary.

recently, we have been recognized by the soft gold less and less, and sometimes can not give a month seven or eight, when the tobacco companies sent soft gold, I will hide it under the counter.

is a more than and 30 year old migrant workers to buy cigarettes, the door will be soft Jinhua, I didn’t come up with soft Jinhua, but with the price of the new Beidaihe roast out, said to him: "brother, you have a taste of the smoke, we Zhangjiakou new production, local smoke, smell good, and the price soft Jinhua, Jinhua has soft old stock, not simply for. You taste it first, taste it." The peasant worker accepted my proposal.

for a while, after the village repair man came, or soft Jinhua, I didn’t say much, took a bag for him. His son asked, "Dad, you’re going to buy soft gold

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