Shangrao City Transportation Bureau of inspection of all road transport safety production

road safety related to the well-being of every family, in order to make everyone feel more happy life on the side, the Shangrao City Transportation Bureau to Dexing city Wuyuan County, supervision of road transportation safety production work, hope to guide the work of the past, let the future development work more smoothly.

a, inspectors group A will by listening to the reports, the scene view, access to relevant information and other ways to understand the situation of the safety management of enterprises after the Spring Festival, and the problems found in the inspection report to the local transportation management and enterprise feedback, require enterprises to solve the existing problems of immediate rectification.

In addition to

, Hu Jie put forward three requirements to further strengthen the work of road safety during the Spring Festival: the first is to strengthen the awareness of production safety, the transportation management departments should strictly implement industry regulatory responsibilities, strengthen supervision and inspection of production safety, carry out industry safety hazard investigation, enterprises should implement the main responsibility for production safety, clear safety production management responsibilities; two to strengthen education and training, road transport enterprises to organize the staff training and safety education.

many aspects of learning, you can increase the safety awareness of staff, so that more people see the future development of the enterprise, become the focus of public concern. At the same time can enhance the safety of people to eliminate the risk of serious rectification, to ensure that the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival traffic safety, smooth and orderly.

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