Jin Sha joined the popular whole business opportunities underwear

in the underwear market, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good business. So, entrepreneurship to choose agent AI Jin Sha underwear? High quality underwear, healthy underwear, hot market!

more recent customer consulting AI Jin Sha whether there are a number of brands together and is not only a single category of products.

actually do not want to reply to this problem, but the important thing to say three times! So Xiaobian today to talk with you again, we are interested in what kind of brand Jin Sha ai!

first had to start with Jin Sha’s bosses, after 80 of them from ten years ago to start a business in Guangdong, Zhuhai opened the first of its own brand underwear shop – AI Jin Sha! From then on the constant exploration, the accumulation of experience, setbacks can only go forward! However, they pay a return, you can imagine there are eight stores in one area of the picture? Can you imagine in a short span of a few years they set up a company to set up a joint venture model to expand the chain and the franchisee has more than and 500 picture? Do you think it’s weird? That is because the shop is also a secret! That’s why it’s so successful.

so now, let’s answer the big guys.

Jin Sha is a brand, it is called "Ai Jinsha", is a separate individual, not a combination of multiple brands!

AI Jin Sha brand is not a single category, it is to do the whole store output, systematic management. Products include bras and underwear, men and women underwear, home clothes, swimwear, suspenders, shawls, chest, leggings, warm clothing, silk stockings and so on.

important thing to say three times underwear on the selection of AI Jin Sha

Jin Sha underwear brand, has been a very trusted brand. If you join Jin Sha underwear project, is also very exciting. Action is often a very good choice. Successful venture, you choose to join Jin Sha underwear?

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