What is the restaurant business pain points

why in the same industry, other shops business is hot, and your shop is closed in the end? Business is bad, there’s always a reason. Employees and bosses complain helpless, not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Is there a problem with your management, system, or marketing service when there is a problem in your restaurant? Now let me tell you that the reason you find may be floating on the surface, you can’t catch the pain, then wait for the storm!

the following seven restaurants operating point of pain, you have been stabbed in a few?

1, lack of talent, lack of actual mechanism

employees how to maintain a good state of mind? Talk to them about the ideal ambition, as the coastal city of factory workers home expenses reimbursement more practical, we complain, find employees do not stay at the same time, there is no thought to the staff of a future, even if only a small chance of learning?

2, surface lack of customers, the actual lack of management

boss to consider the problem is how to manage your store, how to improve the service, how to create value, rather than complaining every day less, customers do not come.

3, lack of business on the surface, the actual lack of ideas

is also a customer, other restaurants will be able to patronize many times, why they can only look at the customer to come over again? Customers pick? Dishes are not good enough? Employees suck? No, you need to change the product structure, breaking the traditional sales model, create more sales space.

4, the surface of the lack of promotion, the actual lack of marketing

do not move is the price discount, holiday promotions, not to bad business when it comes to promotion, the real thing is to do a set of marketing planning, allowing customers to continue to consume.

5, the surface of the lack of Maori space, the actual lack of profitable products

believe that a lot of what the restaurant is missing, is the lack of dishes. Many restaurant dishes are large, the real earnings of products but not get out, we have to do is to keep the true signature dishes, streamline marginal dishes, obtain customer reputation at the same time and will continue.

6, the lack of popular dish surface, the actual lack of management of

a good host, to the store the latest industry information, can bring us more advanced management and sales model, rather than just say: I’ll give you some new dishes, we want the dishes? No, all we need is money! Dishes themselves do not make money, a good idea to make money! >

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