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each of us is actually not only has the name, we need a good name, a lot of things have names, such as brand names, the name of the four – reaction, reaction, brand positioning, to avoid confusion, is conducive to the spread of the system was summed up based on the method of positioning theory, if a good in fact, the name will be more successful.

[localization reaction]

is asked to name too literally, can let the customer reflect the brand represents the category or characteristics, give a person with expert brand impression or positive associations, such as our investment "week coot" "Tang City kitchen" and "rice sweep light" brand, it is easy to transfer the expert cognitive duck, soup Museum and the food; but also help reduce the spread is in the process of asking "what is that?" the probability to improve the efficiency of communication, such as "farmer spring" and "Orangeate" Zhou Heiya "". Another example is Coca-Cola’s first Chinese when translated as "bite the wax tadpole, bookstalls, then collect reward until popular in the Republic of delicious Lenovo" Coca-Cola "after translation.

I was born in Chongqing, bell pepper oil, is often made, but to Shenzhen not self-sufficient conditions, can only go to the supermarket to Taobao, but not a brand in mind, but on the shelves of Baidu. Many of the first brand, "Sichuan old sinks" suddenly caught my feeling: this should be a Sichuan old; so he chose it. This is the power of the response. After many years, we invest in rice sweep light and found that it and the old Sichuan sinks for the same company in Chengdu, the company has a high record of good luck, the boss can be named master.

name positioning response with the actual positioning of the brand is the same, the wrong positioning response is not as good as. For example, "beauty" is reacted strongly to the Jiangzhe location. I observed in a shopping center: eat the Jiangzhe customers into the South Beauty Sichuan is asked, immediately exit into the side of the southern cook, and eat Sichuan customers, unless it is back, otherwise probably not in the shop, went straight to the ba. Was a vice president of South Beauty and exchanges, he supported my views unreservedly, say more than and 10 years, South beauty still to potential customers not to mind taking the trouble to explain himself is Sichuan, causing great waste of marketing resources.

In addition to the categories and characteristics of

positioning response, but also based on the cultural background of the customer’s mind and stimulate the tone of the taboo. Mobile phone brand millet, glory, hammer, stir and sense of value is not the same as the excitation. I sat "silver" rental, deep impression (tell me: is this your voyeurs see her). Fortunately, the taxi is not the behavior of the remaining pure service, if a tangible product called such a brand name, public use may need a little psychological quality. Gold lion the first to enter the Hongkong market when the translation of the golden lion, in Cantonese sounds like gold lost, poor sales, renamed Goldlion recommend

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