Beijing College entrepreneurs union buffet will be held in Zhongguancun

with the further expansion of international exchanges, foreign advanced entrepreneurial knowledge and skills began to spread to China, business incubator in the country presents a new trend. Both the government and the civil society began to build a variety of business incubation base, making it a powerful tool to support entrepreneurship.

jointly organized by creating global and North Rebeat University entrepreneurs union buffet will be successfully held in Zhongguancun venture street. The buffet will come from more than and 20 colleges and universities nationwide more than one hundred business elite, were invited to the scene, they exchange ideas, share experiences, only for the entrepreneurial dream.

in the venue, from twenty universities in the north, people and other students to speak, introduces their entrepreneurial ideas. Investors on the student venture to be reviewed, and introduced their own entrepreneurial experience and insights to the actual case of a college students to change the idea of paper on the idea. Hotel guests include heart technology founder and CEO Wang Jieming, zero one Internet equity investment platform partner fertile soil and see Hao Jun Lei partner Wendy  Wang.

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