Crystal baby market

with the continuous expansion of plastic surgery market, the growing number of cosmetic plastic surgery population, consumers have more and more beautiful pursuit, there is a growing awareness. Crystal ornaments as a new thing in the beauty industry, increasingly hot market, becoming the new darling of the market!

crystal ornaments teeth affected by the introduction of a younger generation of all ages, show personality, outstanding ego, youth and for the successful people can’t be held back, adding a sense of confidence and charm. This tooth decoration is from Switzerland exotic, looks like a small round diamond, but it is actually a kind of advanced glass material derived from natural crystal, transparent, red, blue and other colors, the diameter between 1.8 mm and 2.5 mm, can be mounted on the surface of the teeth. Because it is operated only at the enamel level, it does not destroy the teeth. Wearing a period of time, if you feel tired, you can pick down to save, you can put on when you want to wear. Because it is imported, the price is not cheap.

With the rise of


rented a 10 square meters of the facade, the monthly rent of 10000 yuan to 2500 yuan. A scaling, equipment and instruments related to 10 thousand yuan. Part of the purchase of crystal ornaments, adhesives, spend 5000 yuan. Together with the relevant business license and permit, the necessary facade decoration, the entire investment can be controlled within 20 thousand yuan.

operational recommendations

installed crystal ornaments and tooth scaling, filling and so on, for a cleaning process, the use of equipment, sterile adhesive is crucial. For those who have obvious oral disease, it is recommended to do it after treatment, so as not to produce disputes. If you can hire professional dentists are better, can also carry out scaling, dental, teeth and other services.

according to different color, size, each crystal world lab teeth with different fees. In the current market, the lowest price of 60 yuan, an average of every 5 days to do, only to do each of the 1, it will be able to recover the investment within 3 months.



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