South Korean barbecue chain store brand recommendation Alliance

said Korean cuisine in addition to kimchi, sushi, fried chicken, and so we like the most is the Korean barbecue. China also has a lot of barbecue brand. But the same is barbecue, Korean food is very different from the Chinese and Korean barbecue equipment. Chinese barbecue in the meat will be pre cooked on the grill (iron nails into the flat), the following burning firewood roast; while the Korean meal of meat in the meat of its delicious crisp tender, so that everyone who will relish the taste. Therefore, the Korean barbecue has been very popular, the following Xiaobian to give you a summary of the market is more well-known South Korean franchise brand.

Korean barbecue chain alliance store brand recommended

Han Xuan Xuan Korean barbecue

Shanghai Han Xuan Xuan Food Co., Ltd., is a production and processing, food development, brand chain operations as one of the catering business. Is the designated restaurant of the Korean superstar Rain concert in Shanghai. The company has more than 30 stores, the distribution of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shanxi and other provinces important cities.

Korean Palace Korean barbecue

Jin Han Palace, belonging to the Wuhan Golden Palace Hotel Management Co., Ltd., is one of its well-known brands of food and beverage. In May 2006, the first store opened in Wuhan City, Wanda Plaza, and bring a new feeling for the Korean delicacy of wuhan.

brand operating characteristics is different from the traditional Korean barbecue, is the first to adopt advanced environmental friendly nano smokeless oven, no smoke, no harmful residue, and in line with the current green fashion theme, is also the city of Wuhan, the first batch of energy-saving and environment-friendly catering enterprises, enterprises in order to return the society silently.

Jin Han Palace in the future will be customer demand oriented, innovative research and development of food and beverage products, improve the quality of service, in order to meet the return of the favorite Korean golden palace brand customer friend.

Arirang Korean barbecue

Arirang Korean barbecue franchise Korean traditional flavor delicacy, adhering to the traditional Korean delicacy culture, to barbecue, iron and stone pot series, all kinds of the acid meat, no additives. Arirang Korean national culture to inherit the concept, a good reputation by the people of the springs and the Korean people certainly.

gold straw hat Korean barbecue

golden grass hat was established in Wuhan in 2006, with its first-class Korean cuisine dishes, as well as the quality of services and standardized operational advantages, the rapid development of a regional food and beverage enterprises. To the end of October 2011, the golden hat company direct chain stores in Southern China area the main city commercial center, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dongguan, Foshan, Huizhou.

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