30 gold medal project to make you an eye opener

society to speed up the pace, let us have a human life can be very stressful, 2011 is a year of entrepreneurship, not only just graduated students choose their own businesses, even over seventy old man also joined the ranks of business! 2011 what to do business to make money, it is us a lot of business opportunities, can do the business also has a lot of money, the following 30 ideas you eye-opening

!What do

1, the elderly health services company

cleaning company

3, takeaway franchise (including: clean dish, gas, drinking water etc.)

4, community home appliance maintenance management (including: home computer)

pet clinic

6, elderly activity center (the organization of old people engaged in tourism, fitness, health counseling and other activities)

7, the food engineering

8, white packaging Consultation Service Co

from 9 (self fried tea in the tea house with the help of the staff,


11, wedding planning center

12, students

dry cleaners

13, flowers, toys rental shops

14, fishing center

15, cold drink

mobile phone Club

18, science and technology: technology, patent, trademark

data center

20, education or training

21, computer virus protection center

23, film and television animation

24, music download station

25, battery rental

26, toy


28, headhunting company

29, restructuring of old clothes shop

>, 30.

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