Good breeding projects

with the increasing number of people returning home, returning home to enter the growing number of groups, the growing popularity of the rural breeding industry market, hot market. So, the breeding industry now have what the market is large, good prospects for the project? Below, small series for you to bring a few good breeding projects!

Feather Lvkedanji breeding

according to the rural culture environment, the advantages of barren hills, rich in resources such as land, can be used for breeding. With the growing popularity of healthy consumption, people pay much attention to the green carnivorous, especially in herbivorous livestock are mainly carnivorous in coastal areas, China’s Hong Kong and Macao welcome, rural development green economy culture is good, such as Cang mountain black goat breeding is a good breeding project, short growth period and disease resistance strong, its delicate flesh, smell is low, and the meat is of high nutritional value, the current market supply shortage.

raising Rex

wild quail


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