2016 top ten domestic brands list

nowadays people are busy with their work, and they will ignore many of the housework. For this reason, domestic brands will be hot current market. Moreover, with the rapid development of modern society, domestic service is also introduced from the neighborhood to now on the right track, domestic companies have sprung up in the market. But many companies are of mixed quality, and even many small companies have just started. Now, Xiao Bian will give you the secret of the ten major domestic brands in 2016 for reference.

2016 ten domestic brand ranking first: China Youth CYHS

company was founded in November 1998, headquartered in Beijing, China Family Service Association, the board of supervisors, the president of the Beijing family service association.

company adhering to the "service creates happy" business philosophy, seventeen years of hard work, has formed a domestic service based development pattern involving multiple services, pension, health and community nursery, has integrated media, IT, communications, finance, logistics, family consumption and other related resources the condition, known as the leading enterprises of the domestic industry.

2016 ten major domestic brands list of the top second: love Jun

Family Service Industry Association governing units, influential housekeeping service chain brand, China and Hong Kong Group of the Shanghai Family Service Co., ltd..

2016 top ten domestic brands list third: 3

was founded in 1992, the vice president of domestic service industry association, Zhejiang province famous trademark, to provide professional logistics service units and families, Zhejiang 3 for housekeeping services ltd..

2016 ten major domestic brands list of the top fourth: Lennon

was founded in 1992, home service professional standards setters, ten brands of domestic service, Beijing City, the famous trademark, Beijing City Home Economics Services Limited liability company.

2016 ten major domestic brands list of the top fifth: Sunny sister

Ji’nan women’s Federation was founded, has set up a domestic service / maternal and child supplies / children’s photography and other family service industry chain, Ji’nan sunshine sister Service Co., ltd..

2016 top ten domestic brands list sixth: sanding domestic

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