Hainan and Taiwan to carry out cross strait agricultural exchanges and cooperation of young entrepre

than the take-off speed of the development of urban economy, China’s rural economy there are still many gaps. At present, China’s rural areas generally lack of labor and technical resources to encourage young people to return home to participate in agricultural entrepreneurship, is one of the priorities of the next step of the government.

12 9 -13 June, organized by the Hainan Provincial Department of agriculture, the Hainan Provincial Communist Youth League, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Hainan Province, Chengmai County People’s government, Hainan Province agricultural exchanges and cooperation center, Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture Office of Communist Youth League, China Academy of tropical agricultural science and technology information Institute of Hainan Province, Hainan and Taiwan exchanges and cooperation base leading group office, Chengmai County Hainan and Taiwan exchanges and cooperation in the comprehensive strategic base leading group office of the contractor, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Chengmai County Agricultural Bureau of Chengmai County, the agricultural entrepreneur Qiongtai youth exchanges and cooperation activities will be held in Chengmai County of Hainan Province, and to Haikou, Danzhou and other places to carry out exchange activities.

The main activities of

1, opening ceremony.

2, workshop. Taiwan experts and entrepreneurs are the topic of the report, "the exchange of experience, entrepreneurial innovation cooperation mode, change the mode of development, cultivating new farmers, expand the employment service and other issues to carry out research, the two young entrepreneurs sharing entrepreneurial experience.

3, Hainan and Taiwan both invited participate in agricultural enterprises Chinese (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Winter Fair, held in Taiwan characteristics of agricultural products to promote, promote their agricultural enterprises mutual investment, promote the development of agricultural products trade.

4, organized by the Hainan Provincial Association for the leadership of the establishment of the association of young agricultural leaders and a series of activities.

5, the establishment of agricultural research and agricultural science and technology, building Qiongtai and business information sharing platform, the establishment of Hainan and Taiwan agricultural cooperation website.

6, Hainan and Taiwan exchanges and cooperation between the base and the on-the-spot investigation research recommended China Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences

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