Deyang Luojiang held record passenger activity

students realize the innovation and entrepreneurship has now started to become a theme of the times, at the same time, all over the country are actively build some suitable for college students to entrepreneurship environment, also held a series of activities in Sichuan, Deyang.

16 evening, Deyang City Luojiang county held "Deyang hit off win in Luojiang" activities, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in Luojiang county. That night, Deyang Angel Fund announced the establishment of Luojiang county science and Technology Innovation Park, Sichuan Industrial Park Institute of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship students start.

in the activity, related to entrepreneurship and innovation project site held a signing. 7 projects held a roadshow.

the county also set up village employment service window, active discovery, guide and cultivate grassroots entrepreneurial groups, and the person designated contact, to carry out the policy, legal and technical assistance "integration". The county has 123 villages (communities) have opened a service window.

is actually a hit off events this will better promote the majority of college students venture, at the same time, the whole society held a record passenger activity, will also attract more young students to join the venture entrepreneurs army.


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