Are you over confident entrepreneurs wake up

many people want to work, have a certain business confidence is necessary, but excessive confidence is intolerable. Entrepreneurs too confident sometimes will venture into the abyss, you need to attract attention.

I suddenly tears ran. My business partner can’t cheer me up, my ex-wife can’t cheer me up, and the good guys who used to play Scrabble with me in the early morning can’t cheer me up!

need you ask yourself every day, "I have no confidence?" Otherwise, your prejudice will say, "I have the best company in the world, and we can never go bankrupt."

: if in the business of art, there are over confident?

famous comic series for Bert (Dilbert) author Stott · Adams told me before he worked in a loan company, his boss told him, "if someone says to you, he / she loves her job, so don’t lend money to them."

we venture is to have some confidence, no confidence, no business. But entrepreneurs over "the confidence" is intolerable, entrepreneurship is not trivial, it is not most probably it did not actually happen.

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