What are the magic shop new cell

Although some of the old

has a certain amount of traffic, but the huge number of surrounding shops, intense competition, coupled with the high rent shops in the current people are not welcome to shop. Instead, the new district has become a lot of people choose to shop. In short, with the accelerated pace of urban construction, some of the city’s new district also followed up, many businesses have to look into the New District, in the area around the shop business.

I think, because the new district has just completed, has not formed the market climate, in the New District shop to hit, we must use their brains to think of ways to store new features, with features to attract the attention of consumers, the formation of popularity, wide resources. Specifically the following five magic".

first name, chosen to be "fine". The name of the same name as well, if selected, will make people suddenly remember. So in the New District shop name selection should pay attention to the following four points. First, the number of words to be less, the best control in 3-6 words or so, so that it is easy to remember, easy to mass communication. The two is to pay attention to catchy. Facts have shown that the customer can resonate with the name of the customer, the customer is generally easy to remember, but also willing to spread.

therefore, in order to make the name of a shop both loud and catchy, but also has a profound connotation, not only to pay attention to the charm of the language and smooth, but also to seize the psychological needs of consumers and spiritual needs. Three is to avoid similar. In the former shop, we may wish to look at the survey, would like to see a good name is not already being if there have been similar to The early bird catches the name if you change the name or as early as possible, otherwise the promotion of words, will mislead buyers, let him take your flow shop.

four is to avoid shengpizi. Although this is the age of individuality, but if you blindly pursue unique, with some obscure difficult word for the name, that would be counterproductive. Because, if the buyer does not know your name, also can’t read music, how to spread your name? In addition, we set up shop to sell goods, thus in the name must be very clear, very clear, very conspicuous to tell customers what you are selling, so that customers can identify a shop business scope, and have the desire to buy.

second, store layout to "liang". As the saying goes, a person’s beauty, three lies in congenital appearance, the seven is the day after tomorrow. The New District shop is also the case, in order to let our stores suddenly suck the eye, we must learn to dress up our store. Dress shop is also learned, according to our business type or operating characteristics to design.

not only to do not arrest a grid, but also to do elegant generous. One is the name of the appropriate font display. Two is to show the operating characteristics of the theme to be bright. Three is to set off the store atmosphere lighting effect >

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