Anhui inspection and Quarantine Bureau to strictly control the quality of toy exports fruitful

under the new situation of economic development, Anhui’s foreign trade and export work also achieved very good results, and this is actually the relevant government departments cannot do without the efforts of Anhui, take Anhui’s toy exports, due to strengthen market supervision, to ensure the quality and safety, to steady growth the toy export.

racing together bridle to bridle


in the demonstration area in the process of inspection and quarantine departments will always check in the first place. Demonstration area to implement strict access system, each enterprise within the area of the joint law enforcement team demonstration area "examination", for the existence of "malaise" of the enterprise, out of treatment programs". Only access standards, access to the park to enjoy preferential policies.


at present, there are more than 500 toy production enterprises in Anhui Province, the quality of export toys enterprises that have obtained licenses for only 105, without the license for Small and micro businesses.

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