The true barbecue mutton string and fish net

food safety issues in our lives has always been the focus of national governance targets, news exposure of pork water, bean sprouts, bleaching, etc., of course, there was a hubbub of waste oil incident. Today, we only talk about barbecue, love to eat barbecue you know, barbecue can not eat bad.

summer delicacy food stalls again provoke controversy, even fraud often eat fish, can make blood white; cheap mutton string as a mystery, no mutton mutton string is how to do it; buy home their own long cucumber is not the leavening agent up to? 21:20 August 2nd, Tianjin satellite TV, "the food in the" knowledge experts for you to answer in the summer food crisis.

is a fish stall front dishes, a news show in Fujian a pregnant woman after eating fish at night, sudden abdominal pain, check the blood actually draw white liquid terrible. Food experts in nutrition director Zuo Xiaoxia explained: white liquid is extracted in the body of pregnant women is triglycerides, since can be separated in the blood, she seriously exceed the standard is the result of triglyceride, she often eat fish. Expert analysis: "fish usually has three serious problems: Oil exceed the standard, the average oil a fish not less than 360 grams, oil intake normal 12 days. Instead of dead fish, unscrupulous traders often save the cost, use the fish to roast fish. Too many additives, because the smell as delicious fish, businesses will use strong flavor additives to cover, which is common fish oil, pepper flavor etc.." Want to eat healthy and delicious, China culinary masters Yang Bin teach you a home can be completed without the oven of delicious fish.

stall in the point of course lamb string can be described as everyone likes to eat, the cost of genuine mutton string will be around 4.5 yuan. Food expert analysis: not necessarily cheap mutton. Then, turning the mutton string is how to make a real video? According to reports, traders with duck, mutton flavor, pigment, meat tenderizer, suet and other additives mixed waste produced, and even some unscrupulous traders with no after inspection and Quarantine of livestock meat instead of death. Food experts teach you to identify them as mutton string, experts also remind you: barbecue is easy to contain benzopyrene carcinogenic and teratogenic agent famous.

hope that through the introduction of the above can give friends who love to eat barbecue to wake up, you can eat, but must pay attention to.

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