Anhui youth entrepreneurship small loan company founded

youth entrepreneurship now attracts the attention of the whole society, the country is also trying to promote some young entrepreneurs to carry out entrepreneurial activities in Anhui, now launched a youth entrepreneurship of small loan companies, to help young entrepreneurs to pave the road to entrepreneurship.

2015 in September 8th, Anhui LG Internet Business Service Co., Ltd and Anhui city of Hefei Province youth entrepreneurship microfinance limited liability company reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Anhui youth entrepreneurship and small loan company is the Anhui Provincial Communist Youth League based on modern financial services institutions social organizations and natural persons to invest in Anhui Province, Young Entrepreneurs Association, Anhui long run group and other enterprises, set up, by the Anhui Provincial People’s Government approved the establishment of the office of the state owned financial enterprises. Hefei is a small business, small and medium enterprises, self-employed entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs financing difficulties and the establishment of modern Financial Services Company. While the Internet financial platform on LG 80 youth financial investment and financing needs of entrepreneurs, have online network platform and offline experience center and other areas to achieve a more flowering. The original intention of the two sides, is to establish a regional cooperation organization of venture capital, to create a new concept of Internet banking + small loan.

is concerned with youth entrepreneurship, undertake social responsibility development, mutual agreement between the lines, because the common pursuit of more powerful, because the common vision and more honest. Optimize the financing environment, reduce financing costs, share financing information, to achieve market complementarity, the field and depth of cooperation between the two sides will continue to achieve breakthroughs in the future practice. The signing of the cooperation agreement is only the beginning of the reform of youth entrepreneurship, in the cooperation of both sides, the era of higher quality is coming.


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