20 pits let entrepreneurs fall head broken and bleeding

learn from the lessons of the past, in order to be more successful in the fast, walk in the forefront of wealth. A few months ago, we put forward such a question to ShortStack fans on Facebook, "which is a business lesson learned is your head broken and bleeding?" At first, it was a simple question to improve the participation of the fans, but in the end it led to a long list of entrepreneurs, some of them good advice.

1.  you can’t do everything yourself. It is necessary to set up a team, because the time for a person to work is limited. The specific time to reach your limit depends on your other responsibilities. If you are a young single person, you might be able to do everything in one or two years. But if you have a family, your whole body will eventually destroy family relationships. But a team can continue to work while you’re away.

2.  you may think your product is perfect, but your customers don’t think so. Listen to user feedback: your opinion may not be the best. The main point is to release the product as soon as possible, but also frequently released updates." You don’t know if the product on your hand is great until it gets into the market, and users are starting to complain about it. It’s like some of the contestants in American Idol (American  Idol). They think they are brilliant, and so are their friends and family, but only when they are on a larger stage, their shortcomings are exposed.

3.  really do a good thing. Entrepreneurs tend to try to do everything or become omnipotent, but it is almost impossible to be a shop that sells bait, baby toys, and Beatles’s classic albums. To be exact, you can charge what you really offer. It is said that if there is a skill or service that can improve your core product, give it up.

4.  pay before you give a project to the customer. This is especially important if you provide services. You won’t have any room for bargaining once you have given the contract or website design to others. When I was a graphic designer, I was able to put all my projects on the watermark, the site is hosted in a private area until the bill is paid.

5.  less money is not sustainable. You think, "I don’t need to charge $150 an hour, I can charge $70, far more than I earn as a worker!" However, you may soon find that your "rich" charges can not be maintained. Wait until you begin to pay taxes, pay your employees, and pay for your business license and insurance

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