Entrepreneurship in Europe talk about entrepreneurship pit

venture on the road pit numerous, almost every one of the predecessors have been stepping on the pit. Those who want to learn to avoid these pits, it is necessary to learn from the experience, learn to avoid risks.

entrepreneurs apply for a subsidy, lost his job, it is worth

As for the

Francesco for entrepreneurial ideas, Professor Mante Reis gave a "sustained attention market" reply. Mante Reis replied, "you are currently working in the Bank of the forefront, not only learned something, but also create value. The most important thing is that you are appreciated by your boss."

Reynolds said, the government is not only Chinese, many developed countries in the years before European governments have encouraged young people to innovation and entrepreneurship, "and China government practice, most of the countries in the world to encourage young entrepreneurs to practice is a government subsidy."

but this recommendation

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