44 year old father’s college entrance examination for his son set an example

family education is very important for the growth of children, to encourage the son, 44 year old father at the entrance, such good intentions, also got a son’s response. Educate children to have a good recipe, in order to make you healthy and grow up!


44 year old Luo Xiaoyan is a Chinese teacher in Hechuan District of Hechuan Normal School of Chongqing city. He was highly myopic eyes, glasses degree of 1900 degrees, the lens is thicker than beer bottles. 1988 to participate in the college entrance examination, admitted to the Southwestern Normal University, after graduating from Hechuan normal school, has been taught to the present. This year, he made a surprising decision to participate in the college entrance examination, not for anything else, only to encourage his son.



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