ntegrated ceiling industry is currently facing four major obstacles

I do not know since when, the concept of the concentration of the ceiling began to enter the minds of the masses, and put into practice the application of home improvement, is still very fire. National integrated ceiling brand is very much, the industry gradually intensified competition, behind the bustling also hide a variety of issues, and today we have to integrate what are the problems behind the ceiling.

. A disorderly competition in the industry, manufacturers and distributors of the price war, each side, resulting in the increasingly fierce competition, profits are more and more modest.

two. The lack of innovation, the so-called new enterprises, but is more style, to change the product color, nice name, add a gimmick, but only for the industry and consumers are fatigued, so people are watching.

three. The impact of inferior brand market share, in fact, any one industry market development is a pattern, like a river, water is from high to bottom go, but if many of the river bed, rugged reef, then it will not surge water potential is swift. For the industry, if the industry disorderly competition, the result will make a lot of fake brand-name, brand impact real brand market share.

four. The lack of honesty, now in the integrated ceiling industry, there are companies and parts manufacturers, distributors, three major credit crisis workers, if the parties do not trust each other, how to make the industry healthy development.

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