Northwest Normal University to carry out innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

innovation and entrepreneurship education is more and more universities, innovation and entrepreneurship education has improved, I believe the quality of entrepreneurship will be guaranteed.

3 on the evening of 22, a theme of "open class of Chinese civilization inheritance and cultural entrepreneurship" lecture at Northwest Normal University, classroom seating 220 people All seats are occupied. In the classroom, scholars and entrepreneurs on the cultural heritage and cultural entrepreneurship, speakers and students discuss each one airs his own views is very warm.

in the Chinese civilization and culture of entrepreneurship in this class, the school invited the chairman of the school dean Han Gaonian and the Nantes Digital Corporation Nan Zhenqi, they described the cultural heritage and cultural industry development view from the perspective of the students, the cultural product development, regional culture and modern industrial integration, entrepreneurial culture other issues with two panelists discussed.

from the initial only this school students, later Lanzhou University, Lanzhou University of Technology students are attracted to lectures, this class has been far beyond the meaning of earn enough credits. This semester, the number of large lecture courses far exceeds the capacity of the classroom, the students crowded in the corridor and classroom lectures. Mo Li said: "such a warm classroom atmosphere, in recent years has been rare."

Luo Hao is

"Innovation Forum" loyal "fans", even graduated from school, every class he never falls in the ideological collision with scholars and entrepreneurs in his entrepreneurial ideas more firm.

in September last year, he founded his own studio film and television media. From riding a bike to run the business, hair dry, Luo Haohao received his first pot of gold, but also feel their own shortcomings.

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