The coast is now extinct sea snakes mating race is expected to

recently, two has been identified as the extinction of sea snakes appeared in the Australian coast, which scientists delight. And the two snakes mating, race is expected to continue.

ophio as growth in a snake in the sea, but are closely related and they are cobra, poisonous snakes. Most of the world’s sea snakes are gathered in northern Oceania to the south between the peninsula waters, namely west of the Persian Gulf east to Japan, South to Australia warm ocean distribution. The day before, scientists have discovered two species of sea snakes have been "extinct" in the Australian state of Western Australia, was found they were busy in mating.

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, two species of sea snakes were short nose snakes and leaf scales before the sea snakes, scientists found that they only habitat is Australia’s Ashe Moore Reef, 15 years ago, James Cook University (JCU) scientists have seen these two species of sea snakes after never found them. 15 years later, these two kinds of snakes and suddenly appeared in the Western Australia Ning coral reefs, which makes scientists overjoyed. Even more exciting is that they are mating, which means that they are a member of the breeding population in the world is likely to have their descendants, and not extinct.

It is reported that

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