Rural women’s self described persistent circle entrepreneurial dream process

dream is full, the reality is very skinny, rooted in the hearts of many people have a dream, some people will be full of dreams, while others are really the reality is very skinny. We cannot do without the entrepreneurial dream persistent two words from the persistent round entrepreneurial dream course in the rural female readme is not difficult to see the truth.

I lack

above a few small woman. I was born in a northern rural family, childhood learning is not good, very small drop out, but stronger bones I don’t want to mediocrity in the countryside for a lifetime, with my beautiful dreams for the outside world, I take the package out of the 16 years raising my village, no want to pack it back is 10 years, I have been to many places, have done a lot of industry, but in the heart’s dream never devoid of.

in today’s society for women entrepreneurs still exist many doubts, the family is not very support, feel the old girl married and career women don’t do these, marry a good man is stronger than what. I can not agree with their ideas, as a modern woman, must be independent thinking: assertive, have their own outlook on life, values. Self-motivated, never give up their ideals, to do their own favorite cause, economic independence, only more confident, more charisma!

2015 is another turning point in my life, a chance, my family and friends know that the "Mingpu wisdom" of the special project to improve visual acuity, I feel very fit with their partners, so I met Mingpu wisdom, also opened another journey I in life.

to Shanxi and learn from the study of the market, to find the shop decoration to do publicity, through our common efforts, with only 20 days to 5  2, our Liuhe store officially opened!

During the opening of

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