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Abstract: to master, meme as the representative of the O2O service not only heralded a new life and business model transformation, but also changed the lives of many people.


temporarily put on the O2O is not a bubble in the discussion, not to look at the story behind the O2O industry. Massage, beauty, home door Manicure…… overnight to occupy the city all the advertising screen. Once you have through the mall entrance of the beauty salon, the negative layer of the SPA salon or Manicure salon can enjoy the service, now just open a APP, under the orders, you can enjoy a variety of health services in their own home. These beauticians, massage therapists, physical therapists suddenly like a separate service license, start carrying around in every corner of the city.

famous titanium media author Wei Wu waves will be attributed to the nature of the phenomenon of large-scale amateur". Through the Internet site service is changing a group of technicians of life, is also changing the hundreds of millions of people’s consumption patterns, titanium media reporters select three different life, about this field with vigour and vitality "independence movement":

in Beijing at 8:30 in the evening, three people live a different life.

19 year old girl in Sichuan Li Mei held in June just as Taobao bought second-hand iPhone 5S and his brother in the QQ chat, is in high school brother school in the summer but also on the cram school, she told the brother do not have to worry about money.

The 34 year old Wang

turned the already too old "acupuncture and massage law" ten tips, next to an open 16 open notebook full of red and blue handwriting and his own painting body meridian local map. In addition to this book, he recently re turned up the GRE red book, a more in-depth study of American chiropractic.

Li Mincou, a 29 year old consultant at

, read a book in front of the screen that she was supposed to be doing with her friends. From 3 pm to this time, the opening of the meeting will be held in, see the 6 entrepreneurs. The vinyl machine placed in Alea G Ley (Gregorio Allegri) Miserere, but now she is quite upset. She hopes to have a SPA service that can be called at any time to help her with her physical fatigue.

in the past, these people’s lives will not happen any intersection.

now, however, a slow rise in the healthy O2O trend has gradually brought them together. Through the Internet, this group of different social strata, different life opportunities for the first time with each other’s gaze opportunities, this trend has not only brought the business model and innovation, but also brings new changes to the understanding of the world and life for the people living in them.

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