College graduates three years worth of business 10 million

now want to start a lot of college students, however, we seem to be very confused, do not know how to take the first step. Many people are asking: students can do what? Students can do a lot, and many others are not found business opportunities, today we have to look at these two students can do what, in a business for second months, in January 600 thousand earned a graduate in three years; a

worth 10 million millionaire!

The turnover in February exceeded 600 thousand

in Entrepreneurship

2002 in October, Yu Linwei founded the commercial exhibition and advertising based company, Hangzhou Department of finance investment management consulting co.. At that time every day and night, he led his team to explore business models, explore business direction. Twelfth days after the establishment of the company, he will have the first advertisers, Ningbo, a company producing the overall kitchen.

founded second months, turnover exceeded 600 thousand yuan. The establishment of the company for half a year, one of the company to become the Zhejiang satellite TV, a plurality of channels, the main advertising agency in the individual brand column, once occupied more than 30% market share; and sales agent of the company involved in the development of human resource management software has achieved good sales performance…… In the process of college students, the most valuable is the perfect combination of passion and reason, Yu Linwei summary.

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