Voices help deaf and ordinary people communicate

WeChat has changed the world of normal people, but for those who have hearing impaired, WeChat does not make sense. Don’t say or hear that WeChat’s charm is not, for this part of vulnerable groups, our mind is often their use of hearing aids to judge the world picture information, whether the development of science and technology can bring more convenience to them, communication really need so complicated? Geeks Park believe that science and technology can not only improve the quality of life, but also for the public will play an important role can not be ignored  . />

"voice" interface is more like input text, text display box occupies 2/3 of the screen, the first landing in the text box in the default display above text. In addition, after each landing will also show the same content, when the deaf people need to quickly inform each other, and then landing will be able to solve the problem of two input.

behind a simple detail due to the development of the use of spare time, their team is not much and the deaf experience, tried to contact the Xi’an school for the deaf, but the phone call, email is no echo. So they use the scene to reproduce the way to understand the deaf and ordinary people to communicate when the pain: a person with a loud song of the headphones and masks

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