Red fashion network to make money quickly how to rely on female shopkeepers to attract fans 1 millio

now become a real career to make money online, a variety of new ideas to get rich on the Internet, in fact, as long as the marketing strategy properly, open a clothing store can also make a lot of money.

and the traditional red net, Zhou Yangqing started in the micro-blog blog since 2010, has 1 million 70 thousand fans, and she runs Taobao clothing store in less than a year has reached the double crown, beauty shop is the four crown, score is higher than that of similar shops.

the Red Net onto the pinnacle of life not by owner Show Luo, because she is not only Taobao serial entrepreneur, also wrote a good copy, read chapter 100 thousand +. With a copy of the minutes can be up powder, Zhou Yangqing in the end what cheats?

1  precision logic, illustrated

than the average net red beauties or sell TV shopping style "roar", writing train of thought of Zhou Yangqing can seize the consumer psychology: the first anchor style related demands attract the attention of consumers, then according to real materials and clothing design and marketing, and the cost of adding analysis considering different figure, style finally, the purchase is expected to.

2  professional analysis endorsement

"material" is Zhou Yangqing’s copy and other red net on micro-blog, the biggest difference of copywriting posts. She is generally a only push a piece of clothing, but each time will be studied in detail, from the version type, color, fabric, and other aspects of the work, and then recommend with female figure features, analysis and review of reasonable recommendation

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