Open 24 hours convenience store you need to understand the rules of the 6 sites

modern way of life has changed a lot, stay up late is often the case, the convenience store is also the original 12 hours into a business of 24 hours. Open a 24 hour convenience store is the dream of many friends. So, how to choose 24 hours convenience store? On how to choose a 24 hour convenience store, you need to understand the following 6 site rules:

1, located in the "life path"

2, 24 hours convenience store next to the station

here mainly refers to the subway station. Or a number of official vehicles brought together, large passenger bus station. Close to the station can bring more mobile customers to the store.

3, the district has enough living population

General district should ensure that it 3000  more than 24 hours of life people convenience store on foot 5 to 7 minutes within 24 hours of the convenience store, this can facilitate the play convenience function 24 hour convenience store.

4, close to the gathering place

can gather people’s place mainly refers to government agencies, the theater, police stations, hospitals, schools, and other places to visit. They can bring a lot of traffic to the store.

5, near the office building street

6, single dorm or single apartment near

single dormitory or single apartment living on the pursuit of convenience especially, has brought great opportunities for the 24 hour convenience store sales.


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