Xichong how to revitalize rural assets and resources

in the process of economic development, the industry has been vigorously developed, the city building room in the constant stand! However, many of our rural areas, although there is a unique advantage, but because there is no full play to their own advantages, leading to development has lagged behind. Below, we learn together under Xichong, how to revitalize rural assets and resources?

6 month 12 days, reporters from the Xichong county agriculture office was informed that the day before, Sichuan provincial agriculture committee, Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued a notice to determine Xichong County and Miyi County, 25 counties (cities, districts) to create assets to revitalize rural resources increase the income of farmers in new industry new industry demonstration county (city, 2016 area), create a period of 1 years. According to reports, create the demonstration county, Xichong County in leisure agriculture and rural tourism, rural e-commerce, pension services in rural areas, agricultural products (000061, stock it) early processing, rural cultural and creative direction to.

it is understood that in recent years, promote the integration of development of the rural 123 industry around Xichong County, expand agricultural functions, efforts to revitalize rural assets and resources, and actively develop new formats and new industries in rural areas, accelerate rural economic transformation and upgrading, promote agricultural efficiency and rural incomes.

deepening rural reform

help farmers property income growth of

6 month 13 days, reporters in the town of Taiping Xichong County to the village to see the mountains and rivers, zh zhzh, Lin Cheng network, the same way…… The village of more than 1 thousand and 400 acres of arable land consolidation molding.

"here before, Alexander goushen, the traffic is very inconvenient, people rely on the weather. After the implementation of land consolidation, land formation, ditch built, the road passed, and now everything is good, I really can not dream!" Local villagers told reporters that after the consolidation of arable land, the village set up a land stock cooperatives, land transfer, the overall transformation of the village industry, farmers better and better days.

Taiping town Party Secretary Huang Junqiang said, large tracts of abandoned land are effective remediation, and supporting construction and rural roads, water conservancy facilities, after finishing the land transfer to be fully utilized, agricultural leading enterprises and cooperatives, construction of contiguous high standard modern agricultural industrial park.

it is understood that in recent years, in order to break the development bottleneck of land, improving land use efficiency, the county to seize the province to increase farmers’ income and rural property mortgage financing the construction of the "two counties" opportunity to do the right certification as the basis, to carry out "seven rights is indeed the same + measured right, complete the county 80% indeed the right registration certification work.


outstanding management right of rural land and revitalize rural resources assets two key, the new scale circulation of 50 thousand acres of land, the size of the transfer of agricultural recommended order

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