How to improve the conversion rate

even the same kind of product, the number of shops to provide services is also countless, in this context, we only enhance the conversion rate of the store, to be able to make the business better and create higher profits. However, how to upgrade has become a problem plagued countless operators. So, how to improve the conversion rate?

at present, a lot of small entrepreneurs have begun to use physical stores and online shop double operating ideas. However, the store for a lot of people for good luck, but the shop has a lot of difficulty in operation, especially to enhance the conversion rate, often feel unable to start.

for online customer groups, they usually do not buy directly after browsing the product, but will be a long time after the comparative analysis and then decide whether to place orders. Of course, this phenomenon is also in the physical store, but more serious on the network, many users are left after the visit to the site, and the final turnover of only about 3%. But does that mean that those who leave are permanently lost? How should we leave the user will come back to buy it?

according to scientific statistics: those who do not buy anything, 67% will come back in the near future to buy. This is the secret of the retail world. And this hesitant consumers to bring the consumer market is not ideal, for those who find the repurchase effect of network operators is a huge gold mine. The key to repurchase is the two characteristics of consumers:

how much are they interested in the product when they first browse the product? How much effort has been made to enable consumers to buy back?

The success rate of

repo depends on four points: reminder service, location tracking advertising, abandon shopping cart marketing, social marketing.

reminder service

alert service is focused on the needs of the shopping funnel. A product centric blog, a review site, or even an electronic magazine has a reminder service. In order to remind some information about their interest in the blog reader products. Because these reminders are often very interested in the customer, so there will be a high return rate (nearly 20%). In addition, this delay compared to buy to buy more products make a prompt decision cycle. Because of the concern and interest in this product may be as long as 3 months.

of course, these brands are only a small trick to find a way to allow customers to buy back. Up to now, this kind of reminder service only exists between the service provider and the reader. When the brand and a reminder service provider directly, they can provide more valuable reminder service content and activities. And these content and activities will likely bring very high quality customer positioning.

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