Ann Dongsheng before you start making money have you ever thought about your users

whether it is life or work, we are most prone to error is: love with preference to decide with what you see in the world, to know every object in the world has its original appearance, but we can not directly see, we are to get the understanding of things through the senses, this is called appearance.


, for example, a drop of water, in our eyes, the water is transparent objects, shaped as a matter of fact, it does have internal dripping water molecules composed of countless, do we say that this argument is not correct? Our hands of the mobile phone, your day with it, already familiar with it the shape, button, or even mobile phone screen unique but scratch, you know, see, touch, may be an image, you can see the nature does not represent this thing itself.

with the feeling that they act without thinking, choice is correct, especially for those entrepreneurs eager to entrepreneurship, to their own preferences as the starting point is a very dangerous thing, for example:

micro business now so fire, we immediately enter the micro business venture, will be able to make money,

"we need to divide some of the goods to show a larger code clothing, several users have said that they are more fat."

no matter whether the ideas are correct, couldn’t disguise the fact that this idea is not rigorous, the idea of a person can not represent all users, even if your friends can’t, why? To yourself or friends as a reference, can not judge the trend at the same time, your own is not a user, cannot provide much reference.

especially those engaged in the Internet industry, they will target users positioning themselves as a "grass root", it is easy to Overgeneralization, caught in a misunderstanding, which is why a lot of people in the business is time, always think your idea is only two, but still the root cause there will be deviations.

ignore the user experience is a common problem for most entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs, just because I think entrepreneurship is a particularly challenging thing, is a full of unpredictable things, want to try a new way of life, want to pursue a more colorful life, in their opinion, entrepreneurship is a the way.

life is the most painful thing is not failure, but it should be possible to do, but not to try to do, this is a lot of people regret now no micro entrepreneurs taking entrepreneurial aspirations in 2014, if you think of yourself as a person, independent thinking is a pioneering and innovative spirit of the people life, you should put 50% of the time to spend on entrepreneurship.

if you want to start a business, the first thing you need to know is whether you want to start your own business with the customer

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