Pregnant women to open the road to open the road to open the wealth of shampoo service

life, there are a lot of seemingly insignificant little things may be business opportunities, not very hot to get together to make money in those sectors. Sometimes we do not pay attention to things, but also hidden opportunities. Today, the hero in the article is through the provision of services to open their own shampoo for pregnant women, wealth trip.


2011 in May, Li Hong was admitted to the expectant maternal and child health hospital. Since admission, the doctor told her to get up as little as possible to bend, so as not to affect the fetus. So, bent over shampoo thing will be free. Her hair is dense, oily hair, a week does not wash, the hair will be fluffy greasy, as if the top of a pan.

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"pregnant women there will be such a problem if your shampoo, shampoo specifically to provide services for pregnant women, should be a good business." Li Hong said, although the idea is only fleeting, then forget, but postpartum because no one to take care of the children, she quit doing stay-at-home mom, "as the child grew up, want to find something to do, just the idea flashed out again."

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