Quotation must know the sales skills

as a sales staff, you will encounter this problem, many customers did not come to ask what are the characteristics of the product itself, but is most concerned about the price of the product, ask the price of the product, so the sales staff should be how to deal with such customers, sales, master product quotation skills is very necessary.

1, direct price;

2, money is not important, the key is the product effect, you say right?

3, in fact, the price is not expensive

In fact,

that will produce the following effects:

1, direct price. It is possible that customers do not understand the nature of the product, in case the price is right, do not apply to buy back, then post-processing will become very troublesome.

2, money is not important, the key is the product effect, you say right? I personally think that the general customer to hear, but will question the quality of the product, or even a bit offensive, because everyone wants to spend money is the cheapest, the money must be important.

3, in fact, the price is not expensive. This will force themselves into another state: "not expensive, that is how much".

1, ignore the law: skip the customer’s concern about the price, direct acceptance of the selling point of the product.

2, transfer method: we can say: Hello, a penny of goods, the price is cheap and expensive, I’ll introduce you to a few, see what you think is suitable for you.

3, ask: Hello, we have a variety of products, quality assurance. The price is different, what price do you think is more appropriate? This answer can seize the initiative.

on the sale of products when bidding skills first to introduce so much, of course, the specific circumstances require specific treatment, not all customers can choose to treat, using the method of flexible processing, clever use of customer asked the price to promote cooperation is the ultimate goal.


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