The car Qishite training camp to teach you how to run an auto repair shop

We have seen

weight training camp, English training camp, dance training camp and what, but you’ve seen a car repair shop training camp? The car Qishite training camp is a tutor you how to run a car repair shop training camp. Entrepreneurs do not have to worry about what they do not know the knowledge of

little brother cheqishi paint (SA) training camp after 13 days and nights, finally ushered in the end. The SA training camp is cheqishi a self subversion, as with past subversion, it conforms to the development trend of the auto repair industry, continue to move forward.

graduation ceremony, Dean cheqishi general manager Xu Kanji little brother Chen paint Institute Bureau issued a certificate for the students. Among them, 8 students in conformity with many students stand out, was awarded outstanding student certificate. The training will be the scene of applause and cheers without stop, many students shed tears of excitement or dismay.

although the training process has gone through a lot of difficult, high-intensity physical training, high-density training courses, high standards of practice, these students before admission, it seems impossible to complete the task. However, after enrollment, students not only insist on down and no one left behind. This is also the special training camp students extra gain: learn to adhere to!


SA cheqishi auto repair shop training camp with the domestic well-known training company headquarters after 3 months of careful planning, effect is perfect. Prior to this, cheqishi has held 88 training period. But this time, cheqishi abandon past themselves, into the development and change of reborn carrepair era of thinking, once again, start again.

through the 13 day training of the students, to establish their own professional service attitude, preliminary master SA consultants required professional skills, customer relationship management system of cheqishi also has a full range of understanding. "I believe that through the training and follow-up of 3 month SA growth plan, students can become elite services for the automotive after market, lead the whole team to provide convenience, trust, cool music" service experience for customers; in promoting the performance of stores rapidly make outstanding contribution; accelerate the transformation and upgrading of creating wealth and stores more value for stores; together with HQ for the franchisee to build a sustainable profit model more perfect; to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with the franchisee and the headquarters of its own." Cheqishi general manager Xu Kanru said.

It is reported that

, cheqishi second consultants (SA) training camp in preparation has been wildly beating gongs and drums again in mid April, is expected to open. And for the store manager, store owner of a higher level of special training camp also put on the agenda. Cheqishi logic is together with the franchisee, build cheqishi "Whampoa  military academy", to cultivate more excellent talents for automobile market. < >

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