How to reform the teaching reform of primary school in Sichuan

look at the current trend of the market, in the market, we continue to carry out the transformation and upgrading of related enterprises, in order to adapt to the needs of the development of the times. Faced with such a situation, our education also needs to keep up with the pace of the times, continuous innovation and development, in order to make education for the world, facing the future! This time, Sichuan in the primary school teaching reform, to take a series of measures, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

recently, the Sichuan provincial primary school teaching reform and innovation alliance inaugural meeting held in Chengdu Road Primary School in Longjiang. Longjiang Road Primary School, Chengdu City Experimental Primary School, Leshan normal school, Xichang City, Meishan City, the first second primary school, primary school, primary school, Deyang City, the first Chengdu Yindu primary school teachers and 46 other schools became the first league school.

He Hao, deputy director of the Provincial Department of education

at the inaugural meeting pointed out that the establishment of reform and innovation alliance teaching in Sichuan Province, to carry out the depth of cooperation, the successful experience of refining system of teaching reform, a comprehensive summary of the key factors affecting the overall education, promote the teaching reform of primary and secondary schools to create new development of our province to carry out the task with comprehensive Khalid ents. Is of great significance to improve the quality of education.

what put forward to the teaching reform of Hao innovation alliance three hopes: hoping to lead the teaching reform of primary and secondary schools, and strive to make significant progress in the key the key to education; to promote collaborative innovation and development of school, the school should break the alliance cooperation, inter school boundaries, ningxinjuli, build a high-quality platform, sharing quality resources, the construction of regional the development of the education mechanism of coordination, coexistence and win-win; actively explore scientific planning, teaching reform and innovation of education contents and ways. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with primary and secondary schools in the region, play a leading role in the radiation of the alliance, and promote the overall development of regional education and teaching reform.

Liu Tao, director of the Provincial Department of education, province, Sichuan Province primary school teaching reform and innovation alliance, issued by the Provincial Department of education initiative, Longjiang Road Primary School and other 46 schools initiated the establishment and establishment. "I hope that through the way of alliance, let " Sichuan Education " have a positive impact on the outside world, to enhance the connotation and quality of education, so that the province’s education has a better development."

Longjiang Road Primary School Principal Yang Shangwei as the first rotating chairman, said she will integrate high-quality resources to members of the school, primary school teaching reform to build communication platform, refine and popularize advanced experience in curriculum reform, and strive to achieve a comprehensive reform to promote the province’s primary school.

through the above reports we can see that the primary school teaching reform and innovation alliance in Sichuan, through the alliance, absorb the essence of the dross, in order to promote their own development. I hope that in the near future, this series of measures, can have a significant effect in front of the public.

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