Big Wuhan Twelfth program recording completed

era of entrepreneurship, the media has played an important role, often publicize the latest policy of innovation and entrepreneurship, and through various forms to guide entrepreneurship. Venture big Wuhan is a file for the Wuhan entrepreneurs to teach the experience of excellent programs.

the day before, "business Wuhan" program to complete the scene twelfth recording the program, broadcast since November 2015, to win the good reputation and good ratings. Entrepreneurs with their dreams and their moving entrepreneurial story, not only caused a strong resonance between the audience and business mentor, but also in the community aroused a wide discussion on entrepreneurship.

It is reported that

"business Wuhan" brought together many well-known business mentor, well-known business coach, each program invited two well-known entrepreneurs as mentors, as well as six enterprises and CEO executives entrepreneurial coach sits, the scene not only with strict sharp vision considerations business project "hard" and "soft" personal strength the strength, from time to time out "the best quotation", transfer exclusive experience and enterprise operation method of entrepreneurship, to entrepreneurs to help and support.

moved real ordinary dream interpretationIn addition,

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